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Your well-being, discretion and mutual respect are the top priority here,


Since we become very close during the Massage, we request respectful behaviour, also we would appreciate and expect mutual cleanliness and hygiene.


A massage is and will always be a massage, so as professionally trained shakti`s (Staff), we do not offer mutual interaction.


That means being it is a professional tantric massage, there is No sexual union and no oral sex offered.


In the real tantric massage there is always a "taking part" (you as a guest) and a "giving part" (the masseuse / masseurs). The "taker" is passive and can receive pleasure and the intense and sensual touches of the active "giver" and to fully enjoy the experience.


Therefore, of course, the genital area of the masseuse / masseur is taboo and totally forbidden for any kind of interaction or your touch.

If there is a violation of the boundary of mutual respect, the massage can and will be stopped immediately.

The reserved time for the massage must be fully compensated financially.

Some loving thanks you many times for your attentiveness and understanding to our Code and practices.

We look forward to meeting you in person and to journey with you into our sensual world.



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